An Overview Of Women And Their Role In Information Technology

Computing in this age is still heavily male-dominated; this is even after 25 years of all-embracing efforts that have been used for promoting female participation. Contributors for Women And Information Technology have conducted studies relating to this gender imbalance regarding computing. Some of these studies include investigations relating to social science that rely on evidence and not folk wisdom, hunches and off-the-cuff speculation that involve supposed differences between women and men.

To fully understand the circumstances and reasons of this prevalent issue, you have to go further than pretexts and rather to an intricate examination of occupational conditions relating to women through their lives.

The Need For Women To Pursue Technology Paths

Technology has become a part of everyday life. For this reason, it has become important that women should be pursuing a minimum of at least 1 technology path. In addition, it is important to conduct a better method of exposing women to jobs that are technology related.

Research Related To Why There Are Too Few Women Involved In Technology

There have been numerous research studies conducted as to why younger women usually do not choose technology related careers. One of the top reasons that come up is the fact that they think these types of jobs is not very interesting. The second top reason is that they usually have a feeling that they would not be able to do the job very well. The third reason so many women shy away from these positions is that they feel they would not feel happy or comfortable working alongside other people in these positions.

Encouraging Women To Become Active In Technology Careers

Nowadays these types of views are no longer acceptable. Technology careers can be extremely interesting, women can be good at these positions, and those who choose these careers often get to work with extraordinary women and men. Today it is a big problem to be “technology illiterate” when there are a vast amount of jobs that now require a large amount of technical know-how.

For these reasons, it is vital that women are not only encouraged into these positions but also shown what type of impact having a “technical background” can have on their careers. In many cases, women have little knowledge or understanding of the wide variety of options that are available in the technology fields and this in most cases stops them from pursuing these positions.


It happens to turn out that there are several reasons as to why there are not enough women involved in technology careers. However, the main problem is related to quantity as there are just not enough younger women choosing technology related careers. According to recent research around 63% of teenagers would never consider careers in engineering. However, for those that did choose these technology-based careers it was only because they had been told about the impacts and benefits they could achieve by choosing this path. The bottom line about these careers is that the younger generation should be educated on the vast opportunities available in these jobs.