WINIT is the place or opportunity for women interested in the art and technology. It is the first Catalan and Spanish Web intended to guide, advice and serve as a meeting place for women who are interested in technology and technique.

In here you can find bibliography, interesting links, interviews with people related to the world of art and technology, information on conferences, seminars, conferences and other events.
And you can converse with other Internet users.

Despite the increasingly high number of women working, they still know discrimination and are often excluded from decision-making positions and responsibility. While it is true that more and more women prepared to exercise positions of responsibilities and opportunities; they are often faced with big problems when it comes to finding a job that matches their qualifications.

The famous problem “glass ceiling” describes well the situation of women who want to promote themselves or just find a job according to their qualifications and find a ‘cap’ that prevents it. This is even more serious when the profession or qualification is typically for “male” (technical and technological branches, ingeniarías, and senior managers).

The different existing literature, we can draw the trend of the organizations of the future it is to assess and promote the following qualities: communication, creativity, innovation, teamwork, accountability, flexibility aspects, all of which revolve around the “original” qualities of women.

Seeing this context it can be really conclude that it is very difficult for women especially newly graduates with careers or technical specialties to be into work in an industrial company, in positions related work to their technical training, or consider creating their own employment in the sector industrial. Here is where WINIT project aims to provide some tools and additional training that allows them to stand out from their peers or prepare them properly to create their own company and be belong to their chosen fields though it particularly requires men’s power.

The meeting place, online tool of these women, and one of the products mentioned is the result of the project of this page you are visiting, the center WINIT.